Holts Shoes Whalley Branch Closing Down Sale

Closing Down Sale

Shoppers like a sale but they love a closing down sale. As we approach the end of the lease on our Whalley shop, it is with great sadness we are moving on.
So here we are holding a classic closing down sale, buy now while stocks last, everything must go.
To crank up the irony the local council is going around offering grants (only to new businesses) to attract shoppers back. Too late for many local shops. Too late, in this instance, for us.
Time to concentrate on our other shops instead.


Pell Mell Leather Handbags

pell mell

Pell-Mell is a young and vibrant company that make high quality leather handbags and accessories. Their products are designed by husband and wife team Mairi and Stephen Clayton who are based in  Loch Lomond, Scotland.
Their handbags are carefully designed to meet the balance between the needs of today’s hectic  lifestyle whilst at the same time looking stylish and contemporary.
In a Pell Mell leather handbag you will find useful pockets, key clips, phone pockets, pen holders and many more features to assist you in everyday life.
They only use the finest leather and so a Pell Mell handbag will be your friend for many, many years to come.
A Pell-Mell leather handbag is a fashion statement! Made from gorgeous leathers in stunning vibrant colours that will compliment any woman’s wardrobe.
Stand out from the crowd and express your individuality with a wonderful boutique brand. A Pell Mell leather handbag will be your friend your life!

Pell Mell Leather Handbags. High quality designer leather handbags mixing fashion and functionality.

Oona Tan

Autumn/Winter 2013 Trend Forecast

Are you, like us, chomping at the bit for some new season fashions already?

AW13 style guides are appearing thick and fast in the glossies; overwhelming, bewildering and exciting us with their mélange of new season trends to tempt our sartorial taste buds.

Where to start? Which trend to invest in first? Which key pieces should I buy?!

Of course we’re going to suggest  devising your look from the feet up, but we think it’s pretty sound advice: if you’re not ready to dive in and envelope your entire self in a top to toe trend, then jumping in feet first and nailing the key accessories is a great way to introduce the look to your wardrobe.

Over the next few weeks we’ll introduce you to our picks of the autumnal and winter trends with advice how to make your feet feel fashionable and keeping you one chic step ahead of your style rivals.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come:


Grown up Grunge, Quilted Equestrian, Hot Red, Wild Child and Masculine Flats; we’ll be sorting out the maybes from the must-haves to help you inject your capsule wardrobe with some cold-weather kicks that will brighten up even the gloomiest of days. 

What trends will you be seeking out for AW13?

Our Family History

Nearly 65 years ago my Granddad, Alec Holt realised that the shoes he really wanted to be selling in his shops were nowhere to be found. Certainly not in Britain. He wanted three things – creative styling, comfort and high quality. So he did some research and found himself in the beautiful city of Bassano Del Grappa, just north of Venice. This is a place renowned for home crafted shoes of the highest quality. Here began the long relationship with the Renata factory and the Salomon family, one that transcends three generations and continues to this day.

Today there are frighteningly few other brands that can still claim their shoes are 100% MADE IN ITALY. We Can! We haven’t compromised on any part of this extensive process to make a quick buck. With so much disposable fashion available today we stand out in that our shoes are investment pieces. They will last long after a passing fad. In fact, proof of this is the number of Renata’s that I found when visiting a well known vintage market in Manchester. I think it was fifteen at the last count. It just goes to show that shoes of timeless quality can even be passed down through the generations.

Our Renata and Sabrina Chic shoes are designed entirely in our factory and we give the most scrupulous attention to all the little details. The time we spend on perfecting lasts and designs all reflect on the goodwill and good name we have built up in 60 years. Renata is one of the leaders of the Italian fashion shoe trade. Renata produces ladies shoes from a size 33 to 46 (approximately UK sizes ½ to 10), using twenty different lasts, from very low to very high heels.

Amongst the extensive styles, we make a special range suitable for Mother of the Bride/Groom, wedding guests etc. All shoes are handmade with finest quality leathers. Our shoes are always in the height of fashion with elegant matching handbags. We follow the smart, classic trend that has made Italian shoes famous all over the world.

I still pride myself on the fact I am running a business with those three ideals my Granddad had – style, comfort and high quality. And of course, affordability for the design and craftsmanship our prices are still competitive.